Bing Search Select Text To Search Bing Chat

Bing Search Select Text To Search Bing Chat

We previously reported how Bing Chat lets you select text on the Bing search results to conduct another search. Now Bing is expanding that to also let you search directly on Bing Chat, not just Bing Search.

This was spotted by Frank Sandtmann and he posted about it on Mastodon – I can replicate it, here is a GIF of it in action:

Bing Search To Bing Chat Select

Here is a static screenshot you can click on to enlarge:

click for full size

It is nice to see Bing integrating Bing Chat more into Bing Search, right?

As Frank said, “I guess this is mainly to draw people’s attention to their AI offering, as selected passages from snippets rather rarely will make very useful prompts.”

Forum discussion at Mastodon.


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