Blogs appear most often in top Google positions

Blog posts are the most common content type found in the top 5 Google positions, a new study has found.

Why we care. Multiple CTR studies show most clicks go to the top 5 positions on Google (74%, per Advanced Web Ranking; 69%, per Backlinko). So prioritizing the types of content Google rewards with more visibility is only logical.

By the numbers. Blog posts are the most prevalent content type in the top 10 positions of Google Search, excluding home pages, according to a study by enterprise SEO platform BrightEdge. Blog posts appear:

  • 511 times in the top 3 (8%).
  • 1,014 times in the top 5 (23%).

BrightEdge determined content types for 23,785 of the pages analyzed in the top 10 – and 3,254 were blogs. The 19% figure excluded the homepages, which accounted for 28% of the total.

But. Blogging won’t deliver visibility or organic traffic without a strategy. The content you publish must be useful or helpful to searchers.

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What BrightEdge is saying. To be successful in this new world of generative AI content creation, you will need a deep understanding of your audience, according to Jim Yu, BrightEdge founder and executive chairman.

  • “The future is not just AI – it’s AI and human symbiosis. AI can inform and assist, but human creativity, expertise and skill sets are necessary to add the voice and trust of your brand. Success lies in the fusion of AI and human expertise throughout any content creation process,” he said.

About the data. The findings are based on a dataset of 10,000 keywords with various intents, across 10 industries (banking, insurance, retail, software, higher education, real estate, advertising/marketing, manufacturing, travel/hospitality and industrial machinery). Data was collected in August.

Blogs remain popular. Yes, despite all the hype around video content (which is huge) people still read blogs.

  • 54% of people read a blog post at least once a week, according to a recent HubSpot survey.

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