Google adds reports for learning video rich results

Google has added new reporting within Google Search Console’s performance reports for the learning video rich results. You can access these reports under the search appearance section within the performance report, if you have learning video structured data on your website.

What it looks like. Google shared a screenshot of the report showing learning video rich results on X.

Google Search Console Performance Report Learningv Videos Scaled

What Google said. Google wrote, “Search Console will start reporting Learning Video rich results as a search appearance in the Performance reports.”

What are learning video rich results. Google added support for learning video rich results back in June 2022. Google said these are videos that provide “educational level and concept and skills covered in the video” that have learning-specific information with structured data. “Learning Video markup is intended to give more visibility into the educational contents of the video. The markup can hold information about the various concepts and skills taught in the video,” Google added.

What they look like. Google provided the screenshot below as a sample, but we have yet to see a raw learning video rich result in the wild just yet:

Learning Videos Example 1 600x600Learning Videos Example 1 600x600

When it shows. Google said learning video results can show in English in all regions where Google Search is available, when searching for academic learning content on desktop and mobile.

Why we care. Now you can see how those learning video rich results are performing within Google Search. These reports will show you impressions, clicks and other analytics data to see if you are getting a better response in Google Search from these rich results.

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