Google Ads Editor Version 2.4.1 Minor Release

Google has released a minor update to the Google Ads Editor. This is version 2.4.1 and I am not exactly sure what updates we have with this minor release.

Google Ads Editor version 2.4 was released just a few weeks ago. I assume there were some bugs that warranted a new minor release to version 2.4.1?

I do not see this release mentioned by Google but Twitter user @RobeUnit posted on Twitter a screenshot of the update being pushed to him in the Google Ads Editor. Here is his screenshot:

Google Ads Editor 2 4 1

Google Ads Editor version 2.4 brought video asset library, multi-account overview, Google Drive integration, scheduled posts, editable product groups and listing groups and more. This minor update, I am not sure what it brings, but I suspect it is a stability update.

Do you know what changed with 2.4.1 from 2.4?

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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