Google Ads Verification Form Is Too Long?

As you know, Google Ads has been requiring advertiser verification from more and more of its advertisers. Well, one advertiser posted on X saying it is too much, the length and number of questions to become verified is just too much.

Nate Louis posted on X saying, “Google Ads has lost their ad verification minds if they think anyone is going to fill out this 28-question form.” Nate then shared some screenshots of the form, which I tried to paste together in one screenshot but I didn’t get them all:

Google Ads Verification Questionaire

Here are the embeds:

I personally hate these things, they are a way for Google to cover themselves in case of an issue. Do you think Google validates these replies? Maybe? I don’t know. But it seems like one of those insurance forms you get when applying for some sort of business liability insurance.

Also, when sending emails out about doing this, maybe specify which account it is for. Agencies manage a lot of accounts:

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