Google AdSense launches related search for Auto Ads

Google AdSense has rolled out related search for Auto ads.

The new feature shows search terms that are relevant to the content on the pages your users are viewing.

If a user were to then click on one of the suggested search terms displayed, they would be directed to a search results page where they’d have the ability to engage with AdSense for Search ads, as well as relevant results from your site.

Why we care. This new feature helps to improve an advertiser’s targeting precision by ensuring that only contextually relevant ads are delivered to users. By doing so, advertisers can effectively connect with high-value consumers, while simultaneously elevating the overall user experience through increased relevance.

How it works. You can turn on the related search feature for Auto ads on your site by visiting your Auto ads settings page.

As related search for Auto ads is a navigational unit and not an ad, it doesn’t count toward the ad load on the page.

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Availability. All publishers can now have access to related search for Auto ads.

Deep dive. Read Google AdSense’s Auto Ad guide for more information on how they work and their main benefits.

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