Google AI Overviews, Ranking Volatility, Web Filter, Google Ads AI Summaries & More

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Google announced they are rolling out AI Overviews in the US and many searchers want to turn it off, and some content creators want to opt out of them. Google also announced new AI search features that will roll out soon. OpenAI showed off their GPT-4o 24 hours before Google I/O and it was amazing. Google search results volatility has been super hearted all week long. Google confirmed it deindexed vast amounts of URLs in February. Google lifted some of the site reputation abuse manual actions earlier this week. Google said sites hit by the helpful content update can see a lift after the next core update. Google has read our feedback on our issues with search quality and changes may come, maybe. Google also might give us an automated action viewer in Search Console. Google also rolled out a web filter to see only text links in the search results. Google lowered the search ranking of some deepfake porn sites. Google locked down the complaint forum thread around images not showing in the search result snippets. Google may have a new local ranking signal, service areas. Google Local Service Ads tests messaging multiple businesses at once. Google Ads AI summaries are going live for some advertisers. Google Ads changed the functionality for suspended accounts. Google AdSense will not change the minimum reporting thresholds for channels. That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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