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This was a fun week, being that you all ruined the internet. First up Google shocked us with a new core update, the November core update. The Google October core update had a bug that impacted some sites’ performance in Google Discover. A new Google reviews update is coming next week; it will be the last they confirm. Google announced again that mobile-first indexing was complete but added more news around Search Console. The Verge said that SEOs and Google ruined the internet, but no, the internet is better off because of us. Google explained why it updates and changes its search algorithms. Google warned recipe bloggers to ensure easy access to key parts of the recipe. Google said we should stop thinking about what we should do for Google. Google’s helpful content update uses machine learning; it is not about content being old, and it is not about one character on a single page. Google again said schema doesn’t improve rankings. Google said keyword stuffing is not about the number of times a word is on a page. Google updated its video structured data documentation to include timezone recommendations. Google Search is testing bold green deal labels for product results. Google added more details on top retailer knowledge panels. Google Business Profiles added small business and parking attributes. Google Merchant Center Next added the Business Profile section. Google Local Service ads now more evenly show advertisers. Google Ads has this intrusive survey when you pause a campaign. Google Ads Editor 2.5 is out. Google AdSense is changing how it pays publishers. Google launched a new Ad review center in AdSense, Ad Mob, and Ad Manager. Google Search Generative Experience now triggers for recipes. Google Bard now responds in real-time. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

Sorry for not editing out the cough at 13:35 in the video…

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