Google Rolls Out Updates To The Search Generative Experience

Google has rolled out some updates to the Search Generative Experience (SGE) the company announced on its blog. One update is that SGE should now respond with higher-quality, more accurate responses, the second update is to write responses on sensitive topics based on Google’s quality and safety principles. Google also released the about this result feature for AI SGE responses.

Google said it made targeted improvements to SGE when a query includes a false or offensive premise. Google said previously it could “result in an AI-powered response that unfortunately appears to validate said premise.” Google said this can even happen when the web pages SGE is referencing point to high-quality, reliable information. Google said it is “rolling out an update to help train the AI model to better detect these types of false or offensive premise queries, and respond with higher-quality, more accurate responses.”

Also, Google said it is “working on solutions to use large language models to critique their own first draft responses on sensitive topics, and then rewrite them based on quality and safety principles.”

With that, Google also rolled out the about this result feature for AI generated responses in SGE. Google said, “Starting today, we’re rolling out About this result in SGE, so people who have opted into Search Labs will be able to use this tool on AI-powered responses. This will give people helpful context, such as a description of how SGE generated the response, so they can understand more about the underlying technology. Soon, we’ll also add About this result to the individual links that are included in SGE responses, so people can understand more about the web pages that back up the information in AI-powered overviews.”

Here is what it looks like:

Google About This Results Sge

It reads, “This overview was generated with the help of Al. It’s supported by info from across the web and Google’s Knowledge Graph, a collection of info about people, places, and things.
Generative Al is experimental and info quality may vary. For help evaluating content, you can visit the provided links. Learn about generative AI.

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