Google Testing Perspectives Search Filter On Desktop

In June, Google launched the perspectives search filter in the mobile search results. Now, Google is testing that filter within the desktop search results.

As a reminder, the perspectives search filter will give you long and short-form videos, images and written posts that people have shared on discussion boards, Q&A sites and social media platforms. Google will also show more details about the creators of this content, such as their name, profile photo, or information about the popularity of their content.

This was spotted by Ethan Lazuk who sent me some screenshots over X, here they are:

Google Perspectives Desktop

Google Perspectives Desktop Filter

This feature was originally demoed at Google I/O, the first time we saw Google testing the perspectives search filter was in early May. But in late March, Google launched a news perspectives feature that is different from this search filter. We also saw Google showing featured snippets perspectives early on, but Google launched them without the name perspectives.

I guess Google wants to see if searchers will use this on desktop search, as they expect on mobile search.

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