LinkedIn rolls out new ad performance measurement features

LinkedIn has introduced new tools and upgrades to assist marketers in measuring their ad campaigns more effectively:

  • New Conversions API (CAPI).
  • Website Actions.
  • Document ads upgrades.

Why we care. Accurate measurement of campaign performance enables advertisers to make informed decisions, allocate resources efficiently and demonstrate the value of their efforts to clients.

CAPI. LinkedIn’s new campaign performance measurement promises “more precision and clarity” as there is no need for cookie tracking. This allows LinkedIn to provide better insights into how users respond to ads on the platform. You can choose how to connect your online and offline data from two options:

  • API integration
  • Partner integration.

The ability to connect both online and offline data enables you to track the impact of your campaigns on website actions, phone sales, and in-person event leads.

LinkedIn asserts that its new Conversions API is designed to be “privacy-compliant and future-proof.” This means that it adheres to current privacy regulations and is built to adapt to future changes in data privacy laws.

Website Actions. This new feature simplifies how marketers track conversions in advertising campaigns as there is “no need for complex event-tracking installations”. Website Actions can measure actions based on CTAs, page visits, and data without the need for additional on-site code.

Document Ads upgrades. LinkedIn is rolling out three new upgrades to this ad type:

  1. Retargeting: This function provides the ability to engage with customers who have previously interacted with Document Ads. 
  2. New metrics: You can now monitor objectives like website visits and website conversions for this specific ad type.
  3. Local Area Network (LAN) distribution: There is now an option to opt in for this feature, which could help improve delivery and cost-efficiency.

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What LinkedIn is saying. Nicholas Hassebrock, Product Marketing Manager at LinkedIn, said in a statement:

  • “If you’re currently focused on measuring the deeper impact of your campaigns, these new enhancements to LinkedIn Ads are worth your attention.”
  • “In a study involving nearly 850 beta campaigns, CAPI delivered a remarkable 31% increase in attributed conversions and a 20% reduction in the cost per action.”
  • “Early results for Website Actions users include a remarkable 33% CTR lift for Conversion Tracking campaigns, and a 31% CTR lift for Website Retargeting campaigns.”
  • “Retargeting campaigns using Document Ads have seen CTRs approximately 2x higher compared to retargeting campaigns using lead gen forms.”
  • “B2B marketers are under pressure to drive results and demonstrate impact. They need to be confident in the tools and platforms they are using to achieve their goals. At LinkedIn, we continue to innovate and enhance our product offerings to meet these needs.”

Deep dive. Read LinkedIn’s announcement in full for more information.

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