Meta announces major audience targeting and insights update

Meta launched new audience insight and targeting options within its Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns.

These new capabilities allow you to generate reporting breakdowns of your audience and target individuals interested in your products or services who haven’t yet made a purchase.

Why we care. Understanding your audience better enables more effective campaign optimization, while precise targeting capabilities help reach high-value consumers. Both aspects can lead to increased conversions and overall campaign success.

Enhanced audience insights. Meta has introduced a new feature called the “engaged customers audience segment” – as seen in the screenshot below, taken by digital ads expert Jon Loomer:

Google Ads Define This Segment

With the Engaged Customers Audience Segment, you can define your engaged customers using custom audiences, which provides reporting breakdowns specifically for this audience.

Report breakdown. Meta now offers a new segment to analyze results in Ads Manager. Just go to the Breakdown menu and choose “Demographics by Audience Segments.” From there, you’ll see separate rows for New Customers, Existing Customers, and Engaged Customers, as demonstrated in the screenshot below:

Meta ReportMeta Report

Enhanced targeting. In Ad Account Settings within Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns, you can specify your engaged customers using a custom audience, as demonstrated in the screenshot below:

Meta EngagedMeta Engaged

Engaged customers are “people who are aware of your business or interacted with your products or services, but have not made a purchase,” according to Meta.

With enhanced targeting, you can make a custom audience or multiple custom audiences for engaged customers, but you’ll likely need to leave out paying customers when setting them up.

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‘Valuable’ updates. Commenting on the Meta updates, digital ads expert Loomer wrote:

  • “This update provides significant insight into performance and how Advantage+ Shopping Campaigns are delivered. Since there is minimal advertiser control of targeting, this helps provide clarity regarding how much of your sales performance comes from new customers, current customers, and those who have engaged with your brand without purchasing.”

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