Meta unveils AI chatbots and business messaging tools 

Meta introduced a slew of new AI and business tools aimed at driving performance and engagement for brands.

The big unveils.

  1. AI Chatbots on Messenger

Built with Meta’s latest large language model LLaMa 3, the chatbots can converse with customers about products and provide support — saving businesses like White Coat Manila 20% on service costs.

White Coat
  1. Paid Marketing Messages on Messenger

Select advertisers can now create, organize and send paid marketing messages on Messenger to opted-in customers, similar to WhatsApp’s recent marketing messaging capabilities.

Wind And WoolWind And Wool
  1. Threads API

The new API allows businesses and creators to publish posts, engage with replies, and access insights across Threads at scale using third-party apps.

Why we care. The updates provide more AI-powered tools that look to be driving revenue, reducing costs and improving engagement. This will help advertisers to scale operations efficiently across Meta’s apps.

By the numbers. Every $1 spent on its ads generates $3.71 in revenue for advertisers on average — a 12% increase in ROAS from 2022, according to Meta. Campaigns using AI-powered “Advantage+” tools see even higher $4.52 ROAS.

Driving performance. Brands like Unilever’s Living Proof saw gains of 15% lower CPP and 18% higher purchase volume using Meta’s new generative AI ad creative tools.

What they’re saying.AI for business messaging is a game changer…saving at least 20% of customer support costs,” said Franco Ongkingco of White Coat Manila.

Yes, but. Privacy concerns around AI persist, highlighting the need for Meta to build safeguards into its new AI systems.

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