Meta unveils updated tools for enhanced brand safety controls

Meta introduced new tools and features to existing tools that enable brands to monitor their reputation across its platforms. They include:

  • Brand Rights Protection (updated).
  • Rights Manager (updated).
  • Intellectual property reporting center (new).

These tools make it easier for businesses to monitor brand impersonation, prevent scams, report intellectual property infringement, and block infringing content across Facebook and Instagram.

Why we care. Safeguarding reputation is table stakes for brands. Brands associated with inappropriate or controversial content risk alienating customers and prospects. Tools that make it easier for brands to protect their reputations are welcome additions.

Brand Rights Protection. Meta is updating this tool to make it easier for brands to protect their intellectual property across its platforms using machine learning. The new version simplifies the process of reporting infringement and business impersonation, helping brands identify and address misuse of their intellectual property. Updates include:

  • Improved matching: Find matches based on your past use of Brand Rights Protection.
  • Cross-surface searching: Search across Ads, Commerce, Accounts, and Posts simultaneously without re-entering search terms each time.
  • Saved search: Frequently used search terms and filters are now stored, so they don’t need to be reentered. Each user with access to a business account can monitor a unique list of terms.
  • Reference library expansion: The reference now enables brands to monitor 200 images, up from 50 images previously.

Intellectual Property Reporting Center. If you regularly use Meta’s IP Reporting Forms, the new reporting center could save you time. New functionality stores your account information and reporting history. Multiple users logged into the same Business Manager account can access the reporting history for the entire business, making it easier for different departments to share information.

Updates to Rights Manager. Meta is adding three new features to help brands manage and protect their copyrighted content at scale. The new features include:

  • Automatic blocking: Automatically block matching images.
  • Image attribution: Add attribution links to matching content on Facebook (and soon on Instagram), sharing ownership details about the matched image. Rights holders can also include a call to action, allowing viewers to Follow, Email, or Message their page directly.
  • Bulk actions: Perform actions on multiple image reference files at once, making it more efficient to manage your reference library.

Meta For Business Web Resources. The Meta for Business website has a new guide to assist businesses in creating a brand protection strategy and reducing the effects of brand misuse. The guide is structured into three segments – Protect, Monitor, and Resolve – offering businesses Meta’s recommended practices and product solutions for brand management.

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Deep dive. Visit the Meta Help Center for more information on Brand Rights Protection and Rights Manager.

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