Microsoft Advertising Editor expands audiences to all markets

Microsoft Advertising Editor has rolled out in-market audiences across all of its markets in EMEA, APAC, and LATM.

The platform has also launched new audience types.

Alongside this expansion, the platform now supports bulk associations for In-market audiences, as well as:

  • Remarketing.
  • Dynamic remarketing lists.
  • Similar audiences.
  • Customer match.
  • Custom audiences.
  • Custom combination lists.

Why we care. Advertisers have historically only been able to use Microsoft Advertising online to manage audiences. However, they can now do this using the Microsoft Advertising Editor tool, which means they now have the flexibility to monitor and tweak their audience campaigns offline.

How it works. Marketers have been advised that audience creation and management should still be done via Microsoft Advertising online. However, Microsoft Advertising Editor can now be used to update associations in bulk. To update associations in bulk, navigate to the ‘Audience’ tab on Microsoft Advertising Editor and select an option.

Alternatively, to update audience targeting associations, you can import a file or import from Google Ads.

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Read more. Read Microsoft’s Audience options guide for more information on audiences, or Microsoft’s In-Market guide for a full list of markets and available audiences.

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