Organic link building for sales landing pages

Great links to your content are essential, but they alone may not be enough to improve rankings for your sales landing pages.

Join Garrett French and James Wirth from Citation Labs to learn how to supplement your Digital PR efforts with white-hat, ROI-focused link-building campaigns that increase rankings for your sales landing pages.

After this session, you’ll be able to:

  • Plan, launch and track the impact of a sales page link building campaign
  • Identify contextual, funnel-relevant topics
  • Find, pitch and convert publishers
  • Track and report the impact your links have

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About the author

Citation LabsCitation Labs

Citation Labs builds creative, fun campaigns – attracting new customers for our clients with genuine, passion-led projects. We specialize in enterprise link building & earning via content creation and outreach, with a data-driven approach homed in on ROI & impact, supported by generative AI.

We go beyond just getting links. We make a difference. Drive awareness. Reach undiscovered customer niches. All centered around mission-based campaigns designed to do something good and new and interesting for your target market.

We brainstorm unique market approaches for every new client we take on. You won’t be squeezed into a pre-existing mold; our team will develop a new mold to fit your business’s distinct customers, goals and needs.

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