Reddit expands learning hub with new courses and certifications

Reddit has updated its on-demand learning hub with new features, courses and certifications.

The platform has rolled out a new “Boost 2.0 Certification Program” as a second module in its Fundamentals training course to teach advertisers how to drive maximum campaign success.

Reddit designed the new courses to help advertises level up their knowledge of its ad offering and develop a deeper understanding of its:

  • Audiences
  • Unique targeting capabilities
  • Ad formats

Why we care. These free training sessions offer advertisers insider knowledge directly from Reddit’s team on best practices on the platform, revealing how to fully leverage Reddit Ads for maxmum campaign performance.

What’s new? The Boost Certification Program injects up to three hours of additional educational content to the Reddit Fundamental training course. The new modules include:

  • Measurement on Reddit: This module will focus on Reddit’s first and third-party measurement tools, as well as how to measure the overall performance of campaigns.
  • Auction Fundamentals: This chapter teaches how to choose a winning bid, strategies for budget allocation, and aims to provide a deeper understanding of the factors influencing campaign performance.
  • Optimize Performance: Reddit uses this module to provide guidance on how to leverage data to improve campaign results, make ad group-level adjustments to drive results, and implement best practices to optimize ads. 
  • Hack Your Creative: This module highlights unique creative techniques you can use to engage with Reddit’s 100,000+ communities.
  • Find Your People: Navigating Reddit Communities: Features strategies for advertisers to actively engage with Reddit communities and customize their ads to provide added value. 
  • Launch Mode: Testing Formulas: Analyze winning strategies to help your brand identify creatives and messaging that will drive campaign results on Reddit. 

Upon completion. Participants who complete the course will be awarded an official Reddit Ads Formula certification, as well as the option to make a Reddit-funded donation to a charity, via the platform’s Karma Kash initiative.

Why now? Reddit has expanded its training course in response to increased demand from clients who want to take their Reddit education further. The platform’s previous courses had an overall satisfaction rating of 4.5 out of 5, with 87% of participants reporting having a better understanding of Reddit’s ad offerings as a result of their participation.

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What has Reddit said? Reddit’s Chief Revenue Officer, Harold Klaje, said:

  • “Reddit Ads Formula has been key to educating the market on Reddit’s unique value proposition and these new certifications are in direct response to our partners wanting to deepen their expertise and understanding of Reddit.”
  • “We know how beneficial this program can be for advertisers as they elevate their campaigns to be more strategic and impactful, so it’s exciting to evolve the program and bring more partners along on our journey.”

Deep dive. Check out the Reddit’s free Ad Formula training program for more information.

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