Use SEO A/B testing to increase your organic search traffic

Up to 80% of website changes driven by SEO have no positive impact on organic traffic. In fact, many changes actually decrease organic traffic. Most companies have no way to measure the impact of changes, so they struggle to prioritize efforts effectively.

Many marketing teams are operating blindly, making changes without measuring impact. Seemingly insignificant changes waste time and money. Meanwhile, impactful changes, whether positive or negative, go undetected.

This whitepaper from SearchPilot explains how SEO A/B testing provides a disciplined, data-driven approach to avoid losses and boost results. Download this paper to:

  • Understand the marketing benefits of SEO A/B testing
  • Utilize data and analytics to make informed decisions, cutting through noise from seasonality, Google updates, etc.
  • See industry-specific SEO testing examples
  • Learn how to implement SEO A/B testing

Visit Digital Marketing Depot to download the “SEO A/B testing: The secret to increasing your organic search traffic.”

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