YouTube rolls out ‘For You’ feed to creators’ channels

YouTube is rolling out a personalized ‘For You’ section on the home tab of creators’ channels.

From November 20, whoever visists your channel will be greeted with a tailored list of recommended videos, comprising a “mix of content from your channel based on the viewer’s watch history.”

The platform is encouraging creators to review their settings and select formats before the launch.

Why we care. The ‘For You’ section has the potential to boost viewer engagement on your channel, opening the door to increased revenue. Additionally, it facilitates greater content discovery, amplifying brand awareness among your audience.

Retaining control. Creators can control this new feature by toggling it on or off in the channel settings. For more detailed customization, they can click “more settings” in the “recommendations for your viewers” section. From there, creators can choose to display only shorts, livestreams, or full videos—or a combination of two. They also have the option to include all content or just the most recent material.

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What YouTube is saying. A YouTube spokesperson said in a statement:

  • “The ‘For you’ section gives your audience a tailored experience when visiting your channel home tab.”
  • “This section surfaces a mix of personalised content based on what the individual viewer has watched. You can choose what types of content to show, as well as select to show only content recently posted within the past 12 months.”

Deep dive. Read YouTube’s guide on how to Customise your YouTube channel layout for more information.

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