2023 Top Contributors To The Search Engine Roundtable

The Search Engine Roundtable is made up of what you, the search community, is talking about.
What you, the search community, is noticing in the search results, be it ranking changes, user interface changes and beyond. As you all know, I source a lot of forums and social media threads for the stories that I write on this site. Without the amazing individuals that make up the search industry, this site would not exist. In fact, when I started this site over 20 years ago, its purpose was to cover what the community is buzzing about, and this site remains true to that today.

I did this last year with the 2022 top contributors story and I figured I’d do it again this year. So I dug through the stories in the past year and checked the most cited X/Twitter handles in my stories for the 2023 year. This is in addition to my look back in my 20 year anniversary story – read that if you missed it.

Here are the top cited Twitter handles from this site:

I’ll give some honorable mentions to @bing, @googleanalytics, @g33konaut, @aleyda, @gsterling, @thesocialdude, @punit6008, @dannysullivan and thousands of more.

Note, this site has cited over 1,700 distinct Twitter handles in our stories in 2023. So while, yes John Mueller was cited in a ton of them, there is a huge diverse number of Twitter accounts I embedded and/or linked to in my stories over the past year.

Thank you to the search industry/community for making this site possible.

If you like the trophy and you are on this list, feel free to use the image above on your site and link to here (if you want).

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