3 new YouTube features including live stream product tagging

YouTube introduced a range of updates designed to assist brands and creators in enhancing conversions, expanding their reach, and facilitating the sharing of content:

  • Product tagging in live streams.
  • Post only feeds.
  • Video and Short uploads from mobile.

Product tagging. Creators in the YouTube Shopping Affiliate program can now tag products from participating merchants across in live streams, as well as videos and Shorts. Tagging featured products in live streams displays the “Shopping” button, creating a more visible way to shop. Creators can also pin specific products to highlight them during live streams.

By accessing the Shopping tab in YouTube Studio, creators can track product impressions and click data for their channel, as demonstrated in this screenshot:

Youtube Shopping Affiliate Program Tag Products

Why we care. This new capability could help brands boost conversion as it makes it easier for consumers to view promoted products and make a purchase.

Post only feeds. YouTube has launched a dedicated post-only feed for Android and iOS devices. Users can access this feed by tapping the “view all posts” button, which displays posts from channels they’ve previously engaged with, as well as recommended posts curated by YouTube.

Why we care. The introduction of a dedicated post-only feed could help brands enhance their reach. As users who have previously demonstrated interest in similar content are more likely to engage, the recommendation of brand posts within this feed may lead to increased exposure and higher levels of interaction.

Mobile video and Short uploads. Creators can now select a file from their device’s gallery, choose the desired monetization option, and complete the videos or Shorts upload process entirely within the Studio mobile app. This simplifies the process of uploading content, making it more convenient for creators to share their work across all platforms.

Why we care. Streamlining the content upload process will enable brands and creators to share videos and Shorts more efficiently. By simplifying the upload workflow, this feature allows content creators to save valuable time that can be redirected towards other essential tasks.

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