Alphabet still wants to acquire HubSpot

Alphabet, the parent company of Google, is making significant strides in discussions to acquire HubSpot, a leading marketing and CRM software provider, according to a new report.

The potential deal: “Alphabet has engaged in talks with HubSpot to discuss terms for a potential acquisition, though no agreement has been reached yet”, sources told Bloomberg (subscription required).

  • HubSpot’s market value stands around $30 billion.

Why we care: This update has the potential to reshape the landscape of advertising and CRM software, offering new data integration opportunities and challenges that could impact their strategies and outcomes.

The strategic rationale. Acquiring HubSpot, which focuses on smaller business customers, could help fill a gap in Alphabet’s offerings as it aims to better compete against rivals like Microsoft, Oracle and Salesforce in the CRM software space.  

What we know. While the discussions are in progress, it’s important to note that a deal is not a certainty, and other potential suitors could emerge for HubSpot.

  • Representatives for both Alphabet and HubSpot declined to comment on the discussions.

Antitrust concerns. There has been no update on whether the recent talks on Google’s antitrust case with the DOJ have affected the possibility of this deal going ahead.

What’s next? With talks progressing, investors and industry watchers will closely monitor for any formal announcements or bids from Alphabet or other tech giants looking to bolster their marketing software arsenals.

Dig deeper. HubSpot’s reported $617.4 million in revenue for the first quarter of the year. HubSpot earnings stay hot amid reports of sale to Google

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