Apple may bring AI features to iOS 18 leveraging Baidu tech; Know what’s coming


Apple has been recently making headlines for holding talks with companies like Google and OpenAI to use their AI services in its devices. Recently, the company also invested in several AI startups for iOS 18. Now, Apple is reported to have partnered with a Chinese tech giant company named Baidu to take advantage of their AI services. Apple is now currently in a race to introduce advanced generative AI services to compete with brands such as Samsung and Google. Know more about Apple’s move to introduce AI features to upcoming devices.

Apple to leverage Baidu’s AI service

According to a Morningstar report, Apple may use Baidu’s AI services for its upcoming generative AI tools. It also highlights that the Chinese company’s shares drastically increased with the news. As of now, Apple may use Baidu’s technology for its local generative Al model which will power iPhone 16 model and iOS 18. After the news started to spread, Baidu’s market shares increased by 5.4 percent on Monday. Before Baidu, Apple was also reported to be in talks with other Chinese LLM providers such as Alibaba.

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The 9To5Mac report said that neither Apple nor Baidu have confirmed the claims. However, the partnership and the use of Chinese AI services would require several government approvals. Additionally, the LLM has to be trained accordingly based on different countries and regions for Apple’s generative AI move to become a success. Therefore, we will have to wait for the official confirmation about what Apple is planning to do for its AI goals with iOS 18 and iPhone 16 models. The report said that “Chinese regulators have to approve generative AI models before they can be launched to the public. Baidu’s Ernie Bot is one of more than 40 models that have already been approved.” This move may divert attention towards Baidu’s AI services in the country.

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