Apple set to make switching from iPhones to Android easier, even allow you to uninstall Safari


In a move that could potentially revolutionize the smartphone market, Apple is gearing up to introduce measures that will make it easier for users to switch from iPhones to Android phones. In fact, you may even be allowed to uninstall Safari. The catalyst behind this initiative is the European Union’s Digital Markets Act, which Apple is diligently preparing to comply with.

According to a compliance document published by Apple, EU-based iPhone users can even expect to be able to uninstall the Safari browser, Apple’s proprietary web browser, by the end of 2024. Additionally, the tech giant aims to roll out a more user-friendly data transfer mechanism from iPhones to non-Apple phones by fall 2025. These developments mark a significant departure from Apple’s traditionally closed ecosystem approach, signaling a shift towards greater consumer choice and flexibility, reported the Verge.

Among the user-facing initiatives outlined in Apple’s compliance document is a “browser switching solution,” slated for release by late 2024 or early 2025. This solution will enable seamless data transfer between different browsers on the same device, offering users more control over their digital experiences. Furthermore, Apple intends to allow users in the EU to change the default navigation app on iOS devices by March 2025, further empowering consumers to personalize their devices according to their preferences.

While the document does not specify whether these features will be available globally or restricted to EU users, it underscores Apple’s commitment to meeting regulatory requirements and fostering a competitive digital landscape. The proposed phone data transfer feature aims to streamline the migration process from iPhones to non-Apple devices, drawing on existing migration tools offered by other companies.

Google, for instance, already provides an iOS app called “Switch to Android,” facilitating the transfer of various data types, including contacts, photos, texts, and notes. However, certain data such as paid apps and Safari bookmarks may not transfer seamlessly. Apple’s forthcoming solution is poised to address these limitations, potentially making the transition from iOS to Android smoother and more comprehensive for users.


Apple’s proactive measures to enhance data portability and browser flexibility signal a paradigm shift in its approach towards consumer choice and interoperability. As regulatory pressures mount and consumer preferences evolve, tech giants like Apple are compelled to adapt, ultimately benefitting users with greater freedom and control over their digital experiences.

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