Bing Gains AI-Powered Shopping Features

Bing announced a number of new features it says are powered by AI in both Bing, Bing Chat, and the Edge sidebar. The features include AI-generated buying guides, AI-generated review summaries, and new price match monitors.

Let’s go through each, most of which should be live for many of you.

Buying Guides

Bing uses AI to generate buying guides on the fly based on the category of products you are interested in. It will also show you product suggestions within the guides and give you comparisons of products, such as by specification or other variables.

Here is a GIF of it in action, click to enlarge:

Bing Buying Guides

Review Summaries

Bing is also using AI to generate review summaries. The summaries will take what people are saying about the product on the web and generate top insights and popular opinions about those products.

Here is a GIF of it in action, click to enlarge:

Bing Review Summaries

Price Match

Finally, Bing can now notify you of price changes for products you are watching. Plus, if can even alert you if the price drops after you already purchased the product, so you can ask the retailer for a partial refund or price match.

Note, Google has a similar feature and recently added price history charts to the search results.

Here is what it looks like, click to enlarge:

Bing Price Match

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