Bing Webmaster Tools Performance Report Update

I am excited but also feel let down that the new Bing Webmaster Tools Performance report gained all these new sources of data, including Bing Chat, but the only one you cannot filter on is Bing Chat. We got Bing Images, Bing Videos, Bing News, Bing Knowledge Panels filters, but Bing Chat is combined with Web Search.

Of course, I can’t say I am surprised. Last month I wrote that we may never see Bing Chat data in Webmaster Tools because it would show super low click through rates from Bing Chat to publishers sites. And now Bing went out of its way to add Bing Chat data to these reports but spent the time to hide the data by combining it with Web data.

Sure, we can now report on Bing Images, Bing Videos, Bing News, and even Bing Knowledge Panels. Yes, Bing Knowledge Panels, something Google would not give us data on even after showing it in 2016 by testing a featured snippet filter in Search Console. But then a year later, Google removed that test. So Bing is one step ahead there, I guess.

Google likely won’t share SGE data in Google Search Console. So I guess Bing is okay with not sharing Bing Chat data in Bing Webmaster Tools.

Anyway, here is a sample of this report:

click for full size

Keywords and URLs are currently reported only for the web, not for Chat, Videos, News, etc. “We are considering expanding and reporting this data to other areas,” Bing added.

As a reminder, in February Fabrice Canel from Microsoft teased that Bing Chat data would be in Webmaster Tools, which was amazing news we were all delighted to hear. Then in April, Bing told us the data would come in May. Then May ended and Bing said just a few more weeks and showed off this blurry screenshot of the data in Bing Webmaster Tools:

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