Google Ad Strength For Performance Max To Weigh Assets Quantity & Variety More With More AI Rollouts

Google Ads announced that within Performance Max the search ad company is rolling out asset generation globally in English with more languages to come. Plus, image editing will finish rolling out in the U.S. in March, with global English expansion following shortly after. This means that Google is adjusting its Ad Strength formula to weigh asset quantity and variety more than it use to.

Google wrote, “Moving forward, asset quantity and variety will be more heavily weighted in determining Ad Strength for Performance Max campaigns.” This reflects their importance in helping you get the most out of the diverse inventory and formats available across Google channels,” Google added.

Google said it is also making improvements to these asset generation capabilities with Gemini. Soon you will be able to generate long headlines and sitelinks within Performance Max campaigns. Plus “both of these new features will use the Gemini model’s sophisticated reasoning capabilities to generate text assets,” Google wrote.

Google also said in the “coming weeks” they will update its image generation models to “Imagen 2.” Google said it will help you “generate lifestyle imagery using Performance Max that shows people in action.”

Google documented “three key ways to improve your asset variety” as this new Ad Strength formula rolls out. Google wrote:

  • Apply new recommendations to add more assets: These asset suggestions will be sourced from your website, asset library and stock images. In a few weeks, Google will start recommending new AI-generated assets, including adapted versions of your existing assets (e.g. an existing square image being expanded to landscape using generative AI).
  • Bring in creative assets from other design platforms: Google said it is growing their partnerships, starting with Canva. If you start your design or creative process in Canva, an upcoming Canva integration app will make it easier to publish images directly into your Performance Max campaign. Canva is home to the world’s largest library of designer-made content, and soon, they’ll add templates tailored for Performance Max to make sure you meet the creative specs needed to maximize asset variety.
  • Add videos: Whether you upload a video or let Google auto-generate one for you, this simple addition has a big impact: Advertisers that include at least one video in their Performance Max campaigns see an average increase of 12% total additional conversions.3 Last year, Performance Max started using images from Google Merchant Center product feeds to create better auto-generated videos that help retailers convert shoppers browsing on YouTube, including YouTube Shorts. This is now expanding to all eligible campaigns and text will also be sourced from automatically created assets (if you opt-in) to help improve the quality and relevance of your auto-generated video. Check asset group details to see what videos Google AI is helping you create and use video creation tools if you’d rather build and upload your own video.

Here is what Ginny Marvin from Google posted:

Google made this GIF showcasing some of this announcement:

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