Google Ads rolls out extra help for business operation verification

Google Ads is rolling out a step-by-step guide on how to complete business operation verification.

The document will provide clarification on reasons for business operations verification failure and include example scenarios in which an advertiser might be chosen to undergo business operations verification as part of the advertiser verification program.

Marketers can expect access to the guide later this month, although an exact date is yet to be confirmed.

Why we care. The guide aims to simplify the business operation verification process and outline potential reasons for verification failure, empowering users to identify and address issues for successful resolution.

Accessibility. To access the step-by-step guide, click on the “Billing icon” and choose “Advertiser verification.” Additionally, the document will be available through in-account prompts for easy accessibility notifications as seen below:

Business Operations Verification 800x401

Does this affect me? To determine if you need to complete business operations verification, check for specific steps under “Your status” on the page. If any of these steps are present, it means verification is required. Click on “Get Started” next to the relevant step and proceed to fill out the application form to complete the business operations verification process.

What Google is saying. A Google spokesperson said in a statement:

  • “This update was made solely to provide additional information to advertisers and no changes to enforcement scope were made to the advertiser verification program.”

What is business operation verification? Business operation verification is a step in the advertiser verification program within Google Ads. It ensures a secure ad experience for users by proving that you are a legitimate business.

To establish verification, advertisers may be asked to confirm information about their business operations, promoting transparency and credibility in advertising, such as:

  • Your business model (for example – Authorized reseller, Affiliate, direct provider of goods/services).
  • Your Business registration information.
  • Your Product / service offerings.
  • Your business practices.
  • Your relationships with advertised brands or third parties, if applicable.

After providing the necessary information, Google will verify your business operations. Subsequently, a disclosure featuring your name or the name of the represented business, along with its location, will be displayed and linked from any ads you run

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Deep dive. Read Google’s announcement in full for more information.

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