Google Analytics 4 adds new dimensions for measuring paid and organic traffic

Google Analytics 4 introduced eight new dimensions for tracking and analyzing both paid and organic traffic sources:

  • Manual source.
  • Manual medium.
  • Manual source / medium.
  • Manual campaign name.
  • Manual campaign ID.
  • Manual term.
  • Manual content.
  • Manual source platform.

Why we care. These new insights enhance your capacity to analyze user behavior and performance across channels, offering improved capabilities in reporting, explorations, segments, and audience analysis. This enables better optimization of your content strategy.

What are dimensions? Dimensions are characteristics or properties of your data. For instance, the dimension “City” reveals the city, like “Paris” or “New York,” where a session begins. Similarly, the dimension “Page” provides the URL of the viewed page.

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Deep dive. Read Google’s announcement in full for more information.

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