Google Analytics 4 Reports get Match Types, including regex

Google Analytics 4 Reports has added support for match types.

Report Filters now supports:

  • ‘begins with’
  • ‘exactly matches’
  • ‘regrex’

Why we care. Filters help ensure that your GA4 reports only show the data you care about, saving you time. Clearer, more concise reports results in easier-to-understand data, making it easier to identify trends and reducing decision-making complexities.

Adding report filters. Filters can be created to select dimension values using exact matches, partial match phrases, or regular expressions (regex). The option to add a filter to a report is displayed above the charts.

Once you add a filter to a report, both the chart and table in the selected report will be updated.

However, filters can only be applied to Detail Reports.

What has Google said? Google explained the advantages of implementing filters into reports via a statement on the Analytics Help Center. A spokesperson said:

  • “Report filters allow you to control what data is shown in your detail reports.”
  • “They can help you understand your data, find trends, and drill into the details you care about.”
  • “For example, you can use a report filter to look at specific regions, app versions, and ad units. You can add multiple filters to further refine your analysis.”

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Deep dive. read Google’s Reports guide for more information on how to apply filters.

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