Google Course Info Rich Results Go Global

A couple of months ago, Google launched course info rich results in the Engish regions but now it may be rolling out beyond those regions. Some SEOs in India are now seeing it for the first time, keep in mind, they are English results but not necessarily in English regions.

Shameem Adhikarath spotted this for the first time in his region, saying on X, Looks like Google’s course info rich results are now live globally.” Maybe it is available in more regions or maybe Google is just testing it in additional regions.

The documentation still says English-regions only, but they will expand them to other regions. It reads, “The course info rich result is available in English in all regions where Google Search is available. We hope to support more non-English courses in the future.”

Here is a screenshot from Shameem:

Truth is, I see the same thing here in New York:

Google Course Info Carousel

So I am not sure if this has been expanded to other regions or not. If you are seeing these courses for the first time since it launched, let me know and let me know in which regions.

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