Google Heated Core Update Done, Spam Update Done, Twitter/X Blocks Bing, Paywalled Content, SEO, PPC, Ads & Local Search

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This week, we covered that the Google October 2023 core update is done rolling out; it was a super and incredibly heated core update. Google also finished rolling out the spam update this morning, and the overlap is upsetting. X/Twitter is now blocking Bing Search, Bingbot, from crawling. Google rich result test now supports paywalled structured data validation. Google Search Generative Experience can and does link to paywalled content, so Google updated its docs to say this and say how to block SGE. Google added vehicle listing structured data with Search Console support. Google seems to have stopped showing event rich results. Google dropped the Favicon user agent and clarified to allow Googlebot and Googlebot-Image for favicon indexing. Googlebot crawls from the Pacific time zone, in case you were wondering. Google dropped the host groups section from its virtual elements gallery. Google tests show the Discover feed on the desktop home page. Google tests “Shop all deals” banner in the search results. Google top stories test “mentioned in these stories” section. Google Explore seems to be coming up much earlier in the search results, and Google Explore has a product section. Bing Webmaster Tools sends out a new comprehensive performance insights report. Google Business Profiles added disabled-owned and indigenous-owned attributes. Google Local is testing card designs for reviews, menus, and more. Google now lets you set your food preferences for local restaurant filters. Google Ads certification exam has a bunch of new rules. The Google Ads verification form is just way too long. Google AdSense launched a new related search for Auto ads. And I posted a photo of the Google algorithm wall in the NYC office. And if you want to help sponsor those vlogs, go to That was the search news this week at the Search Engine Roundtable.

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