Google Keyword Planner No Longer Forecasting Individual & Ad Group Keywords

Google’s Ad Liaison, Ginny Marvin, confirmed on X that Google Ads has stopped maintaining the Keyword Planner individual & ad group keyword forecasting data. She said that “few advertising were using” them, so they stopped forecasting this data as of the summer.

I am not sure if this is old news or not, at least, I don’t think I covered it.

Ben Goldman posted about it saying, “Has something changed with the keyword planner? In the past, we would be able to see metrics associated with each keyword (including spend) when looking at forecasts, but now I’m only seeing the estimates by location. Curious why this has changed, or is this a bug?”

Ginny Marvin responded saying, “Few advertisers were using individual & ad group keyword forecasting in Keyword Planner so as of this summer we’re no longer maintaining these forecasts in our system. Campaign-level forecasts & historical keyword-level data are still available.”

Here are those tweets:

Maybe I missed this news?

Did you use this data or you won’t be missing it?

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