Google Maps User-Generated Content Appeals Form

At the beginning of this year, Google Maps posted a document with restrictions around user-generated content in Google Maps. Now, Google has created a new appeal process for when Google’s enforcements for those user-generated content posts and reviews are a mistake.

Note: This may be for Europe only, as mentioned here, “Content removals can only be appealed once. Additional resolution options may be available. Learn more about European Union Digital Services Act Resolution Options.”

The new form is over here and it explains that Google “sometimes remove content, including posts and edits, or restrict access to certain features when violations of its Maps user-generated content policy or content policy are identified on Maps, Search, and other Google services across the web.” “However, we sometimes make mistakes,” Google added and that is why they added this appeal form.

Google lets you appeal two forms of content:

  • Appeal a content removal
  • Appeal a feature access restriction

Appealing content removal: You can find the status of your content, including whether or not the content has been removed or rejected due to a policy violation, in your Google Maps profile page. Content may be removed or rejected because it directly violates our policies or because Google Account activity violates our policies. For most violations, you’ll be able to appeal the content removal and track the appeal progress in your Maps profile page.

Appeal a feature access restriction: You can find the status of your Google Account, including whether your feature access has been restricted due to a policy violation, in your Google Account settings page. Feature access may be restricted due to violative behaviors as well as posting violative content. When a Google Account’s feature access is restricted, other content posted by the Google Account may also be removed.

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