Google Product Search Results Labels A Product As Product

Google is testing labeling product images in the product grid search results with a label that says “product.” I am unsure if this is Google mislabeling the percent discount tag and sticking “product” there instead or if this is a real feature test.

I mean, we’ve seen Google label image search with product labels but to label product results with products, seems as redundant as the number of times I wrote “products” in this blog post.

Here is a screenshot of this from Brian Freiesleben as he posted on X:

Google Product Label

I cannot replicate it, I see a percent discount label on this product:

Google Discount Percent Label

Brian wrote, “Google is now labeling some products within their popular product packs as “Product”. Its not yet clear to me what triggers this badge, or why some of the other products aren’t receiving this badge.”

Seems like a bug to me but what do I know…

Forum discussion at X.

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