Google Says No One Can Guarantee Traffic

Google’s John Mueller had a nice one-liner again on X; he said, “Nobody can guarantee you traffic, sorry.” This means you can’t say making X changes will result in Y traffic for sure. You can’t guarantee it he said.

This was in response to an SEO saying his boss wants to know that if they change something on the site, will it result in an increase in traffic or not.

Samarth Upadhyay, the SEO asked, “I’m asking my boss to remove these parameters, but he is asking, “OK, suppose we removed these, will our traffic increase then?” I’m uncertain about what to do in this situation. Should I still push him for this step?”

John Mueller from Google replied, “Nobody can guarantee you traffic, sorry.”

I know a lot of SEOs do have some formulas that estimate ROI of making SEO changes. They can estimate if they make a specific change and rankings improve by Y and maybe that would result in an increase in clicks of Z, then revenue may increase by a specific percentage.

But those would be estimates and not guarantees. That is unless you sell your SEO services as a revenue share model, like some do.

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