Google Search Generative Experience With Local Store Inventory

Did you know that the new Google Search Generative Experience that launched to us a month ago shows nearby stores that have products in stock directly in the generative AI answer. This might not be new, but based on my early tests, I don’t believe I’ve seen Google SGE show “Stores,” and I definitely didn’t cover that they did.

Lily Ray posted about this on Twitter via @GennaCarbone and I was able to replicate it for a query on [freestyle freedom lite]:

click for full size

At the bottom of the answer are the stores that have it in inventory, you can click to show more and you would see:

click for full size

Now, this information is shown in the non-AI answers below this as well, so it is a bit duplicative but that is what SGE does for many queries.

Again, this might not be new, but it does show Google is thinking about getting traffic to local stores through SGE. Clicking on a store, will take you to the inventory page on that store’s website.

Forum discussion at Twitter.

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