Google Search Interface Tests & Experiments

There have been a number of Google Search user interface tests and experiments I haven’t been able to post yet. Being that today is Labor Day (here in the US), I figured I’d cover a bunch of them in one story – since many of you want stories today.

The tests include a wider search bar, related products for YouTube snippets, Google Explore expansion, 3D/AR tests, popular products and deals carousels, and Google Translate overlay in Google Search. Here they are in no specific order.

(1) Wider search bar on via @rsrudra94:

click for full size

This is the normal width of the search bar:

click for full size

(2) Related products in search within YouTube video snippets:

(3) Google Explore user interface test:

(4) Google 3D/AR search result tests:

(5) Popular products and deals carousel:

(6) Google Translate in Search overlay:

Those are some of the new Google Search tests that I did not cover that I have had on my list for several weeks.

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