Google Sending Notes Statistics Via Email

Google added a new search feature to its Search Labs named Notes a few weeks ago and Google is already pushing its use by emailing those who created notes some statistics about how many people viewed the notes they added on specific search results.

Glenn Gabe shared the email he received from Google on his Notes that read, “50 people saw your note.” “Your note is helping people find what they’re searching for,” it continued to write. Then there was a button to “see your stats.”

Here is the screenshot of the email he shared on X:

Google Notes Emails

Here is the page I think it took him to:

Google Notes Stats

Here is the note:

Google Note

Glenn wrote, “Email from Google that one of my Notes is getting views. Yep, 52 views… 🙂 I just added another last night from Discover for Barry’s post about HowTo snippets returning. No views for that one yet. Such a weird experiment from Google.”

Maybe people are using notes more?

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