Google Shopping May Show How Many Shoppers Purchased On Your E-Commerce Site

Google has sent some Google Merchant Center e-commerce site managers notifications that a new annotation may begin to show up in the search results next to their site’s listing that shows how many searchers purchased on your site. It may read, “1K shopped here recently.”

The email was sent to Menachem Ani who shared a screenshot of it on X – it says, “We’ll use your conversion data to create a customer history signal that highlights your online store’s popularity to Google shoppers.” Google added that this can help “build shopper confidence in your business.”

You can opt out but Google said it may “still use your data to power various annotations and features that benefit your performance, but will no longer display exact conversion figures.”

Here is a screenshot of this notification:

Google 1k Shopped Here Recently

I have not seen this annotation or label in the Google Search results yet, have you?

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