Google tests bottom search bar redesign on Android, bringing material 3 elements for consistency


Google is once again tinkering with the design of its app for Android users. The latest experiment involves a bottom search bar redesign, a feature initially introduced in 2021 and later revamped in late 2023. This time, Google is testing a Material 3 bottom bar redesign with an integrated search field.

A lucky user has stumbled upon this redesigned bottom bar while using Google Search on Android. This update incorporates Material 3 elements, including a pill-shaped tab indicator, previously seen on the iOS version but abandoned on Android after a brief appearance. The reintroduction of these design elements aims to enhance the consistency of the Google app across platforms, 9to5Google reported.

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Enhanced Search Experience: Addressing User Concerns

Above the bottom bar sits a tall search field, which was previously exclusive to the Discover feed’s top section. In the current redesign, this search field remains visible even on the Search results page, though some users find its size somewhat exaggerated. Despite potential concerns about space utilisation, the redesign eliminates the need for the “Google” logo at the top, replacing it with immediate access to Search filters.

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The default blue tint replaces the Dynamic Color feature, providing a more noticeable contrast against the Search results page. Overall, this bottom search bar redesign gives the Google app a fresher, more contemporary look, addressing concerns about its outdated appearance.

Monetising Search Generative Experience (SGE)

In other news, Google is contemplating monetising its Search Generative Experience (SGE) feature. Launched nearly a year ago, SGE offers users an AI-powered search experience. While initially available through Search Labs, recent reports suggest Google is exploring options to include certain AI-powered search features in its premium subscription services.

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This move would potentially make SGE a part of the $19.99 Google One AI Premium tier, alongside Gemini Advanced. However, Google reassures that there are no plans to eliminate ads from the regular Google Search experience. The decision regarding the launch of this subscription-based model is still pending, with Google executives considering various options, including offering certain SGE features to free users.


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