Google tests Nearby Events and Deals feature for local businesses

Google is trialing a new local search box called Nearby Events and Deals.

The new SERP feature, which is only visible for local searches on mobile devices, displays Google Business Profile (GBP) posts promoting deals and events from nearby businesses.

Why we care. This feature offers a chance for local businesses to boost conversions. To make the most of it, you should regularly post and optimize content on your Google My Business (GMB) profile to increase the likelihood of your brand’s events and deals ranking higher.

How it works. The Nearby Events and Deals feature was first spotted by Saad Alikhan who shared a preview on X:

Google Nearby Events And Deals

The feature displays four tiles, complete with the company name, a promotional photo and a review rating.

If you select one of the tiles, Google will take you to a full-screen view of the offer in more detail. Here, you’ll find the name of the business, where it is situated on a map, an image of the promotion and some text. However, the feature has not yet been spotted on Google maps.

Competitive. Notably, the four pack does not appear to have a “show more” option, meaning that visibility via this feature is very limited.

Placement. Observers noted that the new Nearby Events and Deals feature is typically located further down the SERP, under the local pack, organic results, “People also ask” and “People also search for” sections.

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