GroupM teams with YouTube & Disney to transform streaming ads

Group M is planning to simplify the buying and placement of ads on streaming services for advertisers.

Through the GroupM Ad Innovation Accelerator program, GroupM is joining forces with BrightLine, Disney, KERV, NBCUniversal, Roku, Telly, and YouTube to develop a new ad format for streaming services. This format aims to cater to viewers who prefer to avoid commercials.

The collaborative effort aims to transform the conventional 30-second ad spot by incorporating advanced digital technologies. This innovation aims to strengthen connections between brands and viewers, delivering measurable outcomes for advertisers partnering with GroupM.

Why we care. This program addresses changing viewer preferences and offers a potential solution for more effective streaming service advertising. It also presents a promising opportunity for advertisers to connect with younger audiences, who are increasingly shifting from traditional TV to streaming services.

What is GroupM?  GroupM, the media-buying division of European advertising conglomerate WPP, is one of the largest investors of advertising dollars in the U.S.

What Group M is saying. Mike Fisher, Executive Director, Investment Innovation, GroupM U.S., said in a statement:

  • “Brands advertising in ad-supported streaming environments have an incredible opportunity to engage with attentive consumers, but the rapidly evolving media landscape makes it difficult for advertisers to efficiently and resourcefully launch interactive advertising campaigns.”
  • “Our clients need a simple way to activate interoperable and attributable campaigns across the ad-supported streaming ecosystem. With key stakeholders at the same table, we will shape impactful outcomes that allow advertisers to execute creative, engaging and effective campaigns.”

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Deep dive. Read Group M’s announcement in full for more information.

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