How to grow and retain clients with AI-powered ‘Conversation Intelligence’

As a marketing agency, you’re constantly looking for better ways to deliver exceptional client results while optimizing your operations. There’s no denying that AI has the potential to transform how we live, work, and play.

You’ve probably used AI tools like ChatGPT for efficiency and creativity, but other AI solutions can enhance your understanding of customer data and improve your marketing campaigns.

At CallRail, we’ve been harnessing this potential since 2016 through AI-powered Conversation Intelligence. Our software diligently analyzes calls, offering transformative insights to help agencies and their clients convert leads and optimize marketing spend.

Revolutionize conversations using AI with human-level accuracy

CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence continues to increase reliability and accuracy, now delivering automated transcripts that rival human quality.

We reached this milestone by leveraging the power of a large language model trained on 1.1M hours of real-world voice data.

AI-generated transcripts aren’t new, but their quality is often spotty — not an accurate depiction of customer interactions.

“That’s why we chose a platform that’s 100% dedicated to voice,” says Ryan Johnson, CallRail senior vice president of product management. “It’s AI with intent, designed specifically to understand and translate speech into intelligence.”

A history of using AI innovation to surface actionable insights

For years, our customers have relied on Conversation Intelligence to streamline marketing campaigns, identify new opportunities, qualify leads, eliminate time-consuming call reporting, gain sales insights and more.

Aaron Metzger, founder and CEO of Genius Digital Marketing, attests to the efficiency of our platform:

“Using CallRail, we don’t have to listen through all our calls. Conversation Intelligence auto-tags calls as qualified or not, then pushes data back into our advertising channels so we can accurately track the performance of qualified conversions.”

But the benefits don’t stop there.

Optimize your campaigns with precision

Understanding what drives valuable leads and fine-tuning your bidding strategies is essential to maximizing ROI. That’s why Conversation Intelligence pinpoints and highlights the words and phrases that truly matter.

Because its AI automatically surfaces the words and phrases most commonly used on sales calls, you can use it to improve your SEO and keyword bidding strategies.

Imagine bidding heavily on certain keywords but then noticing your clients’ conversations contain entirely different terms. Conversation Intelligence may unveil new, valuable keywords and even suggest a new tactic for you to try.

Prove your value with AI-powered insights

Marketing agencies are constantly competing for business. Demonstrating your impact and proving your value is essential for client retention.

Clients are looking for an agency that can prove their efforts are delivering quality leads. You need to be able to optimize your campaigns based on which leads became customers through any channel, not just who clicked on an ad.

CallRail can detect which calls resulted in conversions and feed valuable data back into your ad platforms regarding successful campaigns and keywords. Otherwise, you risk only improving click-through rates and miss out on revenue for your clients.

Transcend average marketing agencies through the power of AI

CallRail’s Conversation Intelligence sets you apart from the competition by helping your clients at every stage of the customer journey. Beyond assessing what’s driving calls, you can coach your clients on lead follow-up with time-saving call summaries. Plus, through call sentiment analysis, you are able to pinpoint the calls that require your clients’ immediate attention, enabling them to respond at a faster rate.

By optimizing based on revenue-boosting calls, you’ll lay the foundation for successful, long-lasting client relationships.

Try Conversation Intelligence for free today—no credit card or commitment required!

Plus, start your trial before September 22, 2023 to claim an exclusive offer!

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