iPhone production in India hits $14 billion- Apple’s Make-in-India plan a huge success?


In a notable development for global manufacturing, reports indicate that Apple has substantially increased its iPhone production in India, reaching an impressive $14 billion worth during the last fiscal year. This surge represents a doubling of production capacity and accounts for approximately 14% of Apple’s total iPhone output. The move underscores Apple’s strategic efforts to diversify its manufacturing beyond its traditional stronghold in China, a decision likely influenced by ongoing geopolitical tensions.

Apple’s Make-in-India plan a huge success?

While the majority of the production in India currently focuses on models from the iPhone 12 to the latest iPhone 15, excluding the high-end Pro and Pro Max variants, it nonetheless signifies a significant milestone for India’s aspirations as a manufacturing hub. This trend aligns with a broader pattern observed across various industries, with companies such as Tesla, Cisco, and Google increasingly considering India for establishing hardware production facilities.

This shift is driven by several factors, including the desire to mitigate geopolitical risks, enhance resilience against supply chain disruptions, and address environmental, social, and governance (ESG) concerns. Analysts from Bloomberg Intelligence have noted that evolving business priorities necessitate reducing reliance on China’s tech supply chain, despite the inherent complexities and costs involved.

Beyond manufacturing, Apple’s recent establishment of its first two company-owned stores in India (New Delhi and Mumbai) signals a long-term commitment to the Indian market. Plans for further expansion with three additional stores by 2027 underscore Apple’s strategic vision for a more substantial retail presence in the country.

India’s success in attracting high-end manufacturing, bolstered by financial incentives from the government, has yielded significant economic benefits, including job creation. The Bloomberg report highlights that Foxconn Technology Group remains the primary assembler in India, followed by Pegatron Corp., with Wistron Corp.’s recent acquisition by the Tata Group further enhancing India’s manufacturing capabilities.
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While China remains Apple’s largest manufacturing hub and a crucial market, challenges such as declining revenue and increasing competition pose strategic considerations. CEO Tim Cook’s recent engagements in China exemplify Apple’s delicate approach in maintaining relationships while pursuing geographic diversification.

Overall, the increased iPhone production in India underscores the country’s growing significance in the global manufacturing landscape and represents a strategic move by Apple towards a more diversified production base. This development holds promising implications for both the Indian economy and Apple’s global supply chain.


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