Microsoft Advertising Dropping Hotel Center Accounts For Lodging Campaigns

Microsoft announced it is going to do away with Hotel Center subaccounts on February 6, 2024 and you should migrate to Lodging campaigns instead. “As we strive to improve and innovate our products, we’re changing how you set up and manage Hotel Price ads and Property Promotion ads,” Microsoft wrote.

Starting on February 6, 2024, Microsoft will deprecate the creation of subaccounts and bid management in Hotel Center within Microsoft Advertising. Going forward, the only way to manage these lodging solutions will be through the new Lodging campaigns. After February 6th, your subaccounts in Hotel Center will no longer run.

You will, however, still be able to use Hotel Center to manage your feeds, such as uploading and editing your property feed or verifying your transaction messages.

Here is Microsoft’s recommendations for the transition:

  1. Recreate your legacy Hotel Center subaccounts as Lodging campaigns. Use the About lodging campaigns guide for help—There’s no need to re-upload your Assets/Feeds, as they’ll remain active in Hotel Center.
  2. Update your URL Tracking at the account/campaign level, as needed. See What tracking or URL parameters can I use? for more information.
  3. We recommend leaving your Hotel Center subaccounts to run a further one to two weeks, while your Lodging campaign traffic picks up. (Tip: Increase your bids slightly for Lodging Campaigns to help volume.)
  4. After new campaigns ramp up, reduce Hotel Center budget to $0 and delete the subaccounts.

Lodging campaigns is a campaign type that manages your Hotel price ads (HPA) and Property promotion ads (PPA), which you can use to showcase your properties on Bing across devices.

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