Microsoft Bing Copilot Pro Coming To iOS & Android Soon

Microsoft will soon bring Copilot Pro, the premium $20 per month version of its AI search features, to the Copilot iOS and Android app. Microsoft’s Mikhail Parakhin said the app updates are being processed within the respective app store submission process.

Microsoft did release the Copilot app some time ago but when Microsoft announced Copilot Pro they released it more fully, it was a wider release of the Copilot app for Android and iOS.

But soon those apps will be updated to support Copilot Pro. Mikhail Parakhin responded to a question on X about why the mobile apps don’t support Copilot Pro and he said, “App updates are working their way through app store/play processes – please give us a few more days.”

So I guess the mobile apps will soon support Copilot Pro.

Not that any of this matters to Bing’s market share.

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