Microsoft launches new tool for enhanced ad revenue analytics

Microsoft Advertising launched a new analytics dashboard to help publishers measure their advertising revenue more effectively.

The dashboard, Monetize Insights, is now available worldwide on the tech giant’s supply-side platform, Microsoft Monetize. Monetize Insights provides performance intelligence and capabilities, such as:

  • Graphs and comparison charts that tell the full story of ad revenue performance.
  • Filters to examine data related to revenue drivers and inventory metrics.
  • Contextual bid rejection details, such as demand issues, ad quality settings and price floors.

All publishers leveraging Microsoft Monetize to sell owned and operated inventory can use Monetize Insights to analyze their ad revenue performance.

Why we care. Monetize Insights should save publishers time. The dashboard eliminates the need for complex reporting setups by providing multiple views and tools.

Total revenue tab. This tab provides access to key performance indicators (KPIs) such as impressions, ad requests, fill rate, win rate, and revenue. Its comparison charts reveal trends and significant changes.

Total Revenue Tab 714x600

Bid Rejection tabs. These tabs offer access to information about revenue-impacting blocks, such as ad quality settings, enabling publishers to understand how inventory settings influence sales. Clear bid rejection values make it easy to pinpoint adjustments that can unlock revenue or validate past decisions.

The Bid Rejection tabs include data across ad quality, deals, demand issues, and floor rules (the minimum bid amount a publisher can set for their inventory). Each view shows:

  • Ad Quality: Publishers can evaluate opportunities to adjust ad quality (blocking) settings by examining revenue-impacting blocks.
  • Floors: Determine the average blocked bid price resulting from price floors for each publisher.
  • Deals: View the most significant bid rejections by deal along with the percentage change on one screen in the Summary tab.
  • Demand Issues: Identify issues arising from buyer behavior, such as native asset mismatch, missing creative ID, or excessive video duration.
Bid Rejection Tabs 800x577Bid Rejection Tabs 800x577

The Bid Rejection tabs also offer contextual details about a rejection, including its cause and start time. If applicable, you can preview up to five blocked creatives directly within the side panel, review them, and download them if necessary.

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Deep dive. Read Microsoft’s announcement in full for more information.

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