NASA says four asteroids will pass by Earth today; Check speed, size and other details


2024 has continued the trend of the past year, with asteroid approaches on most days. NASA, with the help of its advanced ground and space-based telescopes, has shed light on four asteroids that are set to pass Earth at close distances today, February 22. While none of these space rocks pose a threat to life on Earth, their close approaches serve as a reminder of the threat posed by these space rocks and the need to continuously monitor them in their orbits. Check out the details of the close approaches below.

Asteroid 2024 DW

The first asteroid to pass Earth today has been designated Asteroid 2024 DW by NASA CNEOS. It is expected to pass Earth at a distance of just 225,000 kilometers, which is even closer than the Moon! As per the US Space Agency, it is travelling in its orbit at a speed of 64451 kilometers per hour which is almost as fast as a space shuttle!

In terms of size, is it nearly 42 feet wide, making it almost as big as a house. It belongs to the Apollo group of Near-Earth Asteroids, which are Earth-crossing space rocks with semi-major axes larger than Earth’s. These asteroids are named after the humongous 1862 Apollo asteroid, discovered by German astronomer Karl Reinmuth in the 1930s.

Asteroid 2024 DX

The second asteroid, given the designation of Asteroid 2024 DX, is travelling towards Earth in its orbit at a speed of 37471 kilometers per hour. NASA expects this space rock to fly past Earth at a close margin of approximately 775,000 kilometers today.

In terms of size, Asteroid 2024 DX has a width of almost 39 feet, which means it is also as big as a bus. The asteroid also belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids.

Asteroid 2024 CE8

The third asteroid to pass Earth today has been designated Asteroid 2024 CE8. It will come as close as 4.05 million kilometers to the planet and is already travelling it in its orbit around the Sun at a speed of 67818 kilometers per hour. Asteroid 2024 CE8 has a width of nearly 90 feet. It also belongs to the Apollo group of asteroids.

Asteroid 2024 DJ1

Asteroid 2024 DJ1 is the last asteroid to pass Earth today. It is expected to pass Earth at a distance of approximately 4.8 million kilometers, and is travelling at a breakneck speed of 48468 kilometers per hour. This asteroid is the biggest of them all, with a width of around 111 feet. It also belongs to the Apollo group of Near-Earth asteroids.

It is important to note that while all three asteroids have been termed as Near-Earth Asteroids due to their close distance of passing, they are not expected to actually impact the planet.

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