New Yahoo Search Experience May Launch As Soon As January 2024

The new Yahoo Search experience may launch as soon as a few months from now. Brian Provost, the Senior VP and General Manager of Yahoo Search, said the new Yahoo Search experience will be launching in the very early days of 2024.

I believe what may launch first is more of a redesign and rebranding of sorts in the early days, this will be followed by more advanced and maybe novel search features in the months after.

As I reported at Search Engine Land, he said this while on an SMX Next question and answer session.

He said parts of the new Yahoo Search may launch in the later part of January 2024 with additional more advanced features rolling out over time after the initial launch.

As a reminder, in January of 2023, Yahoo tweeted that it will make search cool again, explaining a week later that Yahoo Search is making a return. Sadly, most of you don’t think Yahoo can compete with the current players.

If you want to see everything Brian Provost said about Yahoo’s efforts to return to Search, you can listen to that talk at SMX for free over here – you do need to register to listen to it.

Yahoo also retweeted what I posted and said, “stay tuned…”

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